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Romantasy Cabaret 8/18/12

Romantasy Cabaret is this Saturday! Come see the award winning show! There are only a few more seats left for the 8.18.12 show. If seats sell out there will still be general admission available on the ticket site.

I’ll be performing alongside the beautiful ladies of VaVaVoom, the hilarious Tom Tuerff, the High Pimptress, and some new exciting acts from out of town. Plus Lucy Morals birthday!

This show is not to be missed. Click here to buy tickets and we hope to see you at the show!

– Kara


Sable Switch Has Joined BurlEscapades!




BurlEscapades is proud to announce our newest kitten Sable Switch!  She hails from Phoenix Arizona and brings the heat and the spice to prove it.  With her smoldering dark looks, once you start watching her you won’t be able to look away.  You’ll see her joining us on stage this fall.  Congratulations to us all!


– Kara

August is almost here!

It’s been a fun summer!  Here at BurlEscapades we’ve been busily working on next season’s performances, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded to the San Francisco area as well.  You can count on seeing the same great dancers at our shows along with same exciting additions (our little kittens are growing up!) and we’ve been coming up with titillating new dances and costumes.  The next show coming up is August 18, with Romantasy Cabaret at Club Red in Tempe.  Come see us wiggle and tell them Kara sent you! 😉

– Kara

Preparing for the show with The Greats

Sometimes one has to look at the past for inspiration.  In preparation for tonight’s show, Mercy Beaucoup and I are watching Dean Martin’s Rat Pack Live 1965 Perormance, along with some Robert Goulet for good measure.

We have decided what we really need is to always go onstage with a drink and a cigarette.

Those crooners from back in the day sure could belt them out.  As Dean Martin’s silver notes escape his soft lips, we’re melting like the ice in his scotch. Get ready for us to bring some of that sauce onstage tonight at the Hubba Hubba Revue in The Uptown, Oakland, Ca.

Hubba Hubba, here we come!

Mercy Beaucoup and I are now in California, eagerly anticipating tomorrow night’s performance with The Hubba Hubba Revue at The Uptown Club in Oakland.

This is quite the honor to be included in this show.  In 2010, The Hubba Hubba Revue was named on Travel Channel‘s list of Top 10 Best Burlesque Shows around the world.  Besides that honor, they’re won numerous regional awards and featured some of the country’s most talented burlesquers.

So if you’re in the area come out and see us!  Today we’ll be relaxing in wine country, as must be done on any proper trip to California, but tomorrow we’re going to show The Uptown what we’re made of!  Tell them you met Mercy on the plane ;).

– Kara

Cross-training Kara

What a wonderful day!

My day began with a deliciously fabulous hour and a half of ballet and continued right into an extra hour of yoga immediately following.  It surprises me how rarely I see the two disciplines paired, considering how much they both have to offer dancers and in such different ways.  Ballet elongates the muscles and cultivates poise and body control.  Yoga strengthens and nurtures the muscles that I just shredded to ribbons in ballet.  Together, they’ve made me feel like I could fly and wrestle sharks if I had to!

Another benefit to this kind of 3 hour workout (I stretched and warmed up before ballet) is the benefit of seeing all these wonderful body-types!  Being curvy, I have always been the “fat girl” in ballet, lol, but any self-consciousness I may have felt was instantly negated when I went into yoga.  Every figure is embraced and celebrated here, and maintaining postures and focus pushes stray thoughts out of the mind, creating stillness.

It’s important to keep in mind with any workout to stay hydrated and be sure to nurish your body so it’ll keep going, no matter how much abuse you give it. I’m looking forward to scarfing down a tomato with balsamic reduction, chiffonade basil, and sea salt, with a side salad of romaine from my garden with pecans and melon.  Yummy! and I’ll still feel light enough to tackle that shark if it comes to it.

Is that pigeon pose, my dear?