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Burlescapades Nerdlesque Hosts the Queen!

Remember how we told you we’d haveImage a few delightful surprises for you?

Well, feast your eyes on the first! BurlEscapades is honored and ecstatic to announce that we will be featuring Coco Lectric at the January 25th Nerdlesque show!

Coco was crowned the 2010 New Orleans Burlesque Queen for a reason and is going to demonstrate her royal majesty geek-style for you lucky Phoenicians.

We’d HIGHLY recommend you keep an eye out on our FB event page  for BurlEscapades Nerdlesque for ticket sales opening as this one is going to sell out quick!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!.

Happy New Year!


Okay, it isn’t QUITE the new year yet and we get that, but we are so excited to announce our partnership with Joe’s Grotto that we about to burst.

Starting in January of 2014, BurlEscapades will be producing and performing quarterly at Joe’s Grotto.  Expect all sorts of tricks up our sleeves including swag bags for our V.I.P’s, photobooths, salty treats and sweets, and entertainment that is just not our saucy bumping and grinding!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what is in store for you:

January 25th – “Nerdlesque” – Joe’s Grotto – From comic book heroes and villains to cult classics. Burly versions of geekdom!
March 22nd – “Cinelesque” – Joe’s Grotto – You loved it in 2013 and it’s back! Cinema style burlesque complete with fresh popcorn.
July 5th – “Merica” – Joe’s Grotto – It’s July 5th and the day before is slightly important to some independent folks. Get it?
November 1st – “Fright Night” – Joe’s Grotto – The Day of the Dead. From urban legends to the monster in the closet, bring a friend to hold your hand through this one.

Tickets for the first show will be opening soon, so keep your eye out!


~ Sable

Cinelesque! A delightful marriage of Film & Burlesque (…and Sin)


This Saturday at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, Burlescapades will be hosting a delightful event which is bringing together Hollywood and burlesque glamour into one fabulous package!  Cult classics, Disney Princesses, Horror villains, Pulp Drama and Musicals will all meet on stage in this cinema inspired burlesque show: Cinelesque!

Patrons will be treated to freshly made, hot buttered popcorn and sweet treats served up by our concession boys and girls.

Come dressed to the nines in your glitzy garments or dress down in your tattered rags in homage to your favorite flick!  Either way we will have paparazzi on hand to capture your look.

Oh, and if you are good you might get to see Mia WITHOUT these popcorn cartons!

See you Saturday,

~ Sable

Hubba Hubba!


Firehouse Phoenix


Legs Up Blue

The cat has been out of the bag for a little while now that the extraordinary Kara La Fleur accepted a marvelous opportunity in San Fran. While we miss her terribly here, you lucky Californians now get to see her tease and toy her fabulous feathers and self across the stage!

The first of many shows will be at the ever tantalizing Hubba Hubba Revue on Monday, January 28th at the Uptown Club.  If I were *you* I’d go and see her before we steal her back to Phoenix.  Oh, and need I mention that there will be a bevy of other beauties to enjoy for the evening?

Color me envious.

Love and pinches,




Parting is Sweet Sorrow…

On January 19th, we will be saying farewell to Monstserland Bar & Grill at our monthly Thriller show.

While Monsterland was only “home” to BurlEscapades for the past few months we loved performing there both as burlesque artists, gogo dancers, and of course Visa loved DJ’ing there as DJ Con.

This unique club was a full service restaurant with shocking tasty eats and treats during the day, and a dark and creepy club at night decorated as a Haunted House 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, despite some major successes in the early Fall the owner is unable to keep the doors open at this time and is opting to either sell the club or close the doors permanently.  Sadly, it is looking like it will be the first option so we have to say thank you to all the folks we loved and adored there from bar staff to hosts to managers and of course the extra beloved security guys!

If you live in the Phoenix metro area,  you should most definitely join us for a celebration like the true end of the world next weekend with DJ Con and his gogo’s, special guest artists, and of course BurlEscapades dancing and teasing!

Much love to you Monsterland. We will miss you!


Mars Attacks!

So, I am sure you all remember back in the summer when I said we were shooting a fabulous music video with Voodoo Swing? Well, don’t hold your breath a second longer as it is here!

Our lovely Kara is the starlet of the short film, and if you keep your eyes wide you’ll see myself and Mia prancing around in the background as well (or even driving in my case).  You’d never know we nearly had our skirts up over our heads that day we were sweltering in the heat so! But being the consummate professionals we didn’t even show a ~bead~ of sweat, ahem.

Do show some love to the swing daddies themselves and check out this video!

Love and pinches,

~ Sable

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