Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

Visa V

Visa-girls                                                                                             A fruit basket in a world full of doughnuts 

The character known as Vis a Vee is renowned for his farcical performances, theatrical acts, and extreme stage stunts. Visa-jacket

Dancing for over 13 years, Visa taught himself in the safest way possible: in an abandoned armory. He eventually went on to compete professionally a break-dancer as well as performed as a rhythm skate dancer. His personal specialty of dance is “berserker” style – something you have to witness to truly appreciate!

Visa retired from the dance stage for a time to pursue his music career as both the lead singer of several bands and a talented DJ. However, he was convinced by the stunning ladies of BurlEscapades to come out of retirement after acting as their music editor for some time and now performs as a regular part of the troupe.

An exhibitionist by nature, no role (or corset) is too large or small for him! Visa continues to thrill audiences throughout the Phoenix valley with the tricks of his trade.