Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

Parting is Sweet Sorrow…

On January 19th, we will be saying farewell to Monstserland Bar & Grill at our monthly Thriller show.

While Monsterland was only “home” to BurlEscapades for the past few months we loved performing there both as burlesque artists, gogo dancers, and of course Visa loved DJ’ing there as DJ Con.

This unique club was a full service restaurant with shocking tasty eats and treats during the day, and a dark and creepy club at night decorated as a Haunted House 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, despite some major successes in the early Fall the owner is unable to keep the doors open at this time and is opting to either sell the club or close the doors permanently.  Sadly, it is looking like it will be the first option so we have to say thank you to all the folks we loved and adored there from bar staff to hosts to managers and of course the extra beloved security guys!

If you live in the Phoenix metro area,  you should most definitely join us for a celebration like the true end of the world next weekend with DJ Con and his gogo’s, special guest artists, and of course BurlEscapades dancing and teasing!

Much love to you Monsterland. We will miss you!



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