Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

Chills & Thrills!

Well my devious ducklings, I have been downright neglectful as of late and so aim to remedy that tout suite! I do still owe a rendition of Mercy and Sable take on New Orleans, but feel I am so overdue at this point I’d rather just refer you to the lovely write-up Mercy has already provided Here!

October brought our (now) annual mischief with Romantasy Cabaret and as usual we had a brilliant time being a cast of characters for the Daringly Scary~Sexy show.  From the Bride of Frankenstein to a Black Swan ballerina to a Saucy Nurse.

However, our darling Vis~a~Vee also launched out as The Conductor returning to his musical roots as a DJ at Monsterland for a new event titled “Thriller”.   With an 80’s themed dance extravaganza, Mia & I joined in the fun go-go’ing and as I am sure you can see above we had an absolutely wonderful time (as did the audience!)

Missed the show? Well, I have excellent news for you! Thriller will be returning monthly every third Saturday at Monsterland and THIS Saturday (11/17)  is an extra special edition as BurlEscapades and Vavavoom (along with special guests!) will be performing a burlesque set to launch the evening.

I highly advise you not to miss out on any of the Thriller evenings, but most especially this one!

Love and pinches,

~ Sable

P.S. We will soon have an enticing little announcement for you that if you are clever you might see hints of already!  Come to the show Saturday and you might get a sneak peek.


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