Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

BurlEscapades on the Big Screen!

…well, medium sized screen to start!

September 7th at 10pm, the film “Beautiful Women” will be premiering at the Film Bar in Phoenix featuring several interviews with our troupe as well as snippets from performances.  The filmmaker  Doug Proce of “No Froth Films” has put together an evocative look at burlesque from the standpoint of self-image, the media, empowerment and “neo”-feminism.  It really is a powerful tribute to women of the past and the now both.  The film has been entered into several regional film festivals and Doug may even consider it for national ones as well pending sponsors.

The entire experience has been engaging and thought provoking for us and in the below trailer you will see Kara and I speaking along those lines.  However, it was also a great deal of fun and features performances with the sizzling style that Ms. La Fleur embodies; the only phrase that can capture it rightfully is Ooo La La!

If you’d like to wave hello at Kara, Mia, Visa V and of course yours truly do come over for a visit at Film Bar on the 7th next month.  Perhaps if we are lucky Mercy’s busy show schedule may allow her to stop in as well!  Do get tickets soon though, my ducklings, as the venue has a limited capacity and the RSVP count has already neared it!

Love and pinches,

~ Sable


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