Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

A sneak peek

Hullo, cats and kittens (and lions and tigers, oh my)!

Just a short little love note today, but as  promised we have a few things up our satiny sleeve and I wanted to give you all a little peek.

One of our recent shenanigans includes a photo shoot with the amazingly talented Jim from 2life photography last night.

The night included bullwhips, boas, and back-bends, and feathers, thigh-highs, and  satin gowns, but as well one particular BurlEscapades lady posing without much at all.

Alas, while our photog was talented he is not so magical that those photos are instantly available so instead for you I will provide this little candid shot that our beloved Mercy captured as we were getting ready (if you click on it and look carefully you can see how cleverly she managed all of four of us in the shot).

More to come!

Love and pinches,

~ Sable


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