Arizona's Most Elegant Burlesque Beauties

Secrets, Lace and the Big Easy

Amazing news, sweethearts and sweet tarts!  Our beloved Mercy Beaucoup has been asked to grace New Orleans as a stage kitten for the “Bad Girls of Burlesque” and “Queen of Burlesque” shows during the New Orleans Burlesque Festival!

For those of you who are not intimately familiar with language ala burlesque: a stage kitten is a wildly attractive, mischievous yet helpful creature that assists the performing artists between acts from prop adjustments to rescuing costumes gone wild.  (Let me just say that in general, it involves quite a bit of a bending over to the audience while dressed in daringly scandalous costumes of their own!)

The festival is a huge national competition for burlesque artists across the world and is sponsored by the couture lingerie and stocking designer Secrets in Lace.  What that means, my dapper doves, is our beloved Mercy may well end up modeling a few of these pieces and be certain we will let you know if we get a sneak peek of any of her prints, just to tease you!

In the meanwhile, I’ve snatched a picture of her in honor of New Orleans Mardi Gras en masked and green!  I am sure if you are sweet there will be more tantalizing ones to come in September.

Love and pinches,

~ Sable
P.S.  New Orleans in September is something I never miss.  So expect posts to come of the adventures of Mercy & Sable vs. Nola to come!


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