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Talking on The Radio

It has certainly been too long since the last posting, especially considering everything that has been going on! C’est la vie, right? In the last post, Mercy and I were preparing for our invasion of the Hubba Hubba Revue in California, since then we’ve been in non-stop preparations for Romantasy Cabaret’s Spring show on Saturday 3/24. That’s this Saturday!

If that wasn’t enough, we got to hang out with some very cool cats on Vic Tim’s No Label Az Radio Show.  We brought some fabulous Lucky Player Vodka (the Kingcake flavor is my favorite thing ever!) and we chatted with The Relics to while away the evening. The gentlemen were perfect, we felt so comfortable talking with them, and the ladies of the show are always a blast. We talked about Burlesque, local bands (No Gimmick called in while we were there), Roller Derby, and lord only knows what else! If anyone has the nerve to say there’s nothing to do in Phoenix, they’re dead wrong! Kick that person in the ass and sit them down for a session of Vic Tim’s show one Monday night, these guys know where the action is! Mercy and I did a little striptease while Dr. Voodoo played some hot tunes live on his guitar, and a good time was had by all.

So now it’s less than a week before the big show! Come to Club Red in Tempe on Saturday,3/24/12, and tell them Kara sent you…

– Kara



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