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Cross-training Kara

What a wonderful day!

My day began with a deliciously fabulous hour and a half of ballet and continued right into an extra hour of yoga immediately following.  It surprises me how rarely I see the two disciplines paired, considering how much they both have to offer dancers and in such different ways.  Ballet elongates the muscles and cultivates poise and body control.  Yoga strengthens and nurtures the muscles that I just shredded to ribbons in ballet.  Together, they’ve made me feel like I could fly and wrestle sharks if I had to!

Another benefit to this kind of 3 hour workout (I stretched and warmed up before ballet) is the benefit of seeing all these wonderful body-types!  Being curvy, I have always been the “fat girl” in ballet, lol, but any self-consciousness I may have felt was instantly negated when I went into yoga.  Every figure is embraced and celebrated here, and maintaining postures and focus pushes stray thoughts out of the mind, creating stillness.

It’s important to keep in mind with any workout to stay hydrated and be sure to nurish your body so it’ll keep going, no matter how much abuse you give it. I’m looking forward to scarfing down a tomato with balsamic reduction, chiffonade basil, and sea salt, with a side salad of romaine from my garden with pecans and melon.  Yummy! and I’ll still feel light enough to tackle that shark if it comes to it.

Is that pigeon pose, my dear?


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